Technical and agglomerated filters

Drainage Systems in Galatone

Softex offers professional separation, drainage, filtration and insulation products for specific industries.


It offers separation, filtration & drainage and acts as a reinforcement layer at the base of the soil. It has good mechanical strengths with less weight. Its porosity allows fluid to cross while holding all solid parts. Geofloor is particularly used in the road and rail industry and should be inserted
between the substrate and the foundation layer. It can also be used in hydraulic works and landfills.


It offers a very low noise acoustic insulation which is particularly suitable for the subtraction of floor-mounted noise, both in new construction and in existing ones. It helps form a floating flooring layer. It is also used for industrial applications, where little insulation is needed in the functionality of the insulating product (e.g. mittens and ironing boards). The product is distributed in rolls.
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