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Mattresses and Clothing in Galatone

In this section you will find our products which are perfect for the decor of your home. The Softbond range is designed to provide flexibility and is easily customizable. The products are totally recyclable, aseptic and breathable.

Softbond Line

Several products are a part of this range:

• SOFTBOND Thermosiluted
• SOFTBOND 1A / 2A Coupled thermoseghetation
• SOFTFIBRE 1A / 2A Sewing on 1 or 2 sides
• SOFTBOND RA Tailored for clothing
• SOFTBOND RT Terminate for quilts
• SOFTBOND CS Polygon for puppies
• SOFTBOND FV Terminate coupled with fastening support
• SOFTBOND RM Cushioned and mattressed
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Product features

The final product is marketed in rolls of varying height and length.

The products are appropriately tested and certified for the following characteristics:
• Compressibility 
• Resilience elastic recovery after dynamic and static fatigue 
• Flame retard resistance
• Flame speed resistance 

The first step is raw material procurement, which is done with detailed attention to quality control. An accurate choice of materials ensures high quality of our end products.

These features are also guaranteed by the production path with optimum dosing and mixing of the various components. Softex employs highly innovative carding, bending and fiber thermoconduction systems in the production process. The plant employs fully automated control systems that ensure our products have constant quality standards over time.


5 benefits of choosing Softbond:

• It is totally recyclable
• It is breathable like natural fibers
• It does not get tired
• It is aseptic, that is, it is not fertile ground for microbes and molds
• It is lightweight and very resilient
• It is made of hollow fibers


The flexibility of our drive system makes it possible for us to set up products with variable characteristics depending on the application needs:

• Product weight varies from 80 to 1500 gr / sqm
• Thickness varies from 1 to 20 cm
• Density up to 40 kg / mc
• Cohesion rate is variable
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You can request more information about our Softbond products by sending us an email on
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