Processing of Polyester Fibers in Galatone

Softex specialises in the production of thermocouple two-component polyester fibers used in the field of padding and insulation thermoacoustic. Located in the industrial area of Galatone, we employ the best technology available globally, to offer products covering a wide range of application areas. We are reputed to be market-oriented while being attentive to our customer


Termobond is one of the major products Softex manufacturers in the region. It is a special last-generation thermal and acoustic insulation mat and is available in panels and rolls. This product has been specifically designed to offer the best thermal insulation at favorable prices for the building and industrial sectors.


Another high-quality insulating product that we produce is Isofloor. This is a special roll-in acoustic insulation material designed to reduce floor noise on paved surfaces. It is applied beneath surfaces as an insulator orfor the construction of noise-free flooring.


Softboard is a part of our range of furnishing padding products. This is a highly flexible material produced with hollow section fibers. It is totally recyclable, breathable like natural fibers (with uncompromising advantage), aseptic (not fertile ground for microbes and molds), lightweight, highly resilient and fully customizable as per customer requirements.


Geofloor is an ideal geo-fabric to cover any type of surface. This insulator is used for underground drainage works or for compaction of terrain for the formation of road and rail routes.

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