Agriculture and Automotive in Galatone

Softex offers resistant filters and fabrics which are used for different applications across a range of professional sectors such as industrial, agricultural, railway and naval.

Filters for Industrial Use

The polyester air filter, which is particularly used as a component in the construction of industrial vacuum cleaners, has the characteristic of being self-extinguishing, allowing it to be used even in the presence of flames or sparks. It can retain dust and fumes and has high storage capacity.

Non-Woven Fabric for Agricultural Sector

Used for the production of protective greenhouses and for the cultivation of seeds and vegetables, this fabric is used mainly in organic farming. It inhibits the growth of weeds and protects plants from cold weather and insects.
Interno aereoplano e vari ambienti isolati acusticamente

Auto - Rail and Naval

Our industrial fabrics have been thoroughly studied for specific use in the automotive industry. They can be used as a basic element for rugs, luggage lining and seats, as well as for acoustic insulators.
icona Softex
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