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Natural Products in Galatone

Thanks to modern technology, Kenaf Natural Fiber Insulation and Thermo-Fixed Hemp, form a resilient and resistant panel for use in the various partitions of public and private buildings. The three-dimensional arrangement of natural fibers ensures high thermal performance against both cold winter and summer heat. The use of vegetable fibers of varying thickness and variable lengths allows the panels to be optimally sound even in situations that are particularly difficult to deal with acoustically. ISOLKENAF by Softex, is available in panels and rolls of different densities, from 20kg / mc to 100kg / mc, as well as in various thicknesses.
The production flexibility of ISOLKENAF makes it suitable for both vertical and horizontal application in buildings. Its excellent performance in thermal insulation and acoustic insulation allows one to solve both problems with a single product. Owing to its innovative structure, ISOLKENAF is suitable for floors and roofs, indoor or outdoor coats or drywall insulation. Not containing chemical binders or contaminants, this unique product by Softex is a natural and eco-sustainable product, entirely recyclable both during production and throughout its lifecycle.
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