Furnishing Padding in Galatone

In this section you will find a list of our main polyester fiber products which are used for thermo-acoustic insulation in construction, furnishing, clothing, automotive, rail and footwear sectors. These fibers enable special applications such as filtration, childcare and home improvement, with the assurance of high quality standards.


Geofloor can be used as insulation material while laying out underground drainage. It is also helpful in soil compacting for laying out roads and railways. In addition, it can be used as a substrate for the formation of floating flooring.


Isofloor is a special material that can be used as an acoustic insulator for trampling noise. It is often laid as a subgrade for the formation of floating floors. In industrial applications, Isofloor can be used where one needs to insulate surfaces with little thickness, such as in iron-on clamps.
Interno aereoplano e vari ambienti isolati acusticamente

Termobond TD

The Thermobond line is available at Softex in two variations. The TD20 models guarantee an effective combination of thermal and acoustic insulation, while the TD30 models offer greater thermal insulation with optimum thicknesses.

Our Thermobond TD panels help ensure thermo-acoustic insulation of walls. The panels may be applied on the internal surface of masonry, after removing any thicknesses of mortar. This can be achieved by bonding with acrylic adhesive MAPEI Adesilex vs45 type.

Thermobond panels are thermolabelled polyester fibers. Their thicknesses and density are determined on the basis of calculations made according to L. 10/91. Thermoacoustic performance is proven by qualifying certifications.


Several products that make up this line:
• SOFTBOND Thermosiluted
• SOFTBOND 1A / 2A Coupled heat-bonded
• SOFTFIBRE 1A / 2A Sewing on 1 or 2 sides
Regardless of the type, Softbond is marketed in rolls of varying height and length, depending on the customers’ need.
Rotolo di Softbond


All Softex insulating products are appropriately tested and certified to have excellent compressibility, resilience, elastic recovery after dynamic and static fatigue and ultimate resistance to "flame retard" and "flame speed" types. These features are ensured primarily through the choice of raw materials, each of which is carefully selected for its intrinsic quality. Secondly, the quality of the final product is guaranteed by the production path, starting with an excellent dosing and mixing system of the various components. Softex employs highly innovative systems for carding, bending and fiber thermo conception, as well as totally automated control systems in the production process that ensure our products have long-lasting quality standards.
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The benefits of choosing Softbond

•• It is totally recyclable
• It is breathable like natural fibers
• It does not get tired
• It is aseptic, that is, it does not provide fertile ground for microbes and molds
• It is lightweight and very resilient
• It is produced from hollow fibers
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The flexibility of our drive system makes it possible for us to set up products with variable characteristics, depending on the application needs:
• Product weight varies from 80 to 1500 gr / sqm
• Thickness ranges from 1 to 20 cm
• Density up to 40 kg / mc
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